1. To contribute to the evolving jurisprudential growth of Blockchain Law.
  2. To act as a repository of all emerging legal developments concerning Blockchain technology.
  3.  To help collate all legal developments/events/perspectives concerning Blockchain.
  4. To increasingly track various cases and litigations concerning Blockchain technology.
  5. To identify potential trends on which further development of Blockchain Law could evolve in the coming times.
  6. To provide legal consultancy services and support to various stakeholders in the Blockchain ecosystem.
  7. To identify industry thought leaders and influencers, contributing to the evolution of Blockchain Law.
  8. To provide a platform for the publication, dissemination and transmission of case materials concerning Blockchain Law.
  9. To assist countries in terms of giving advice on, drafting and creation of enabling legal frameworks encouraging the further adoption and growth of Blockchain ecosystem.
  10. To contribute to evolving legal standards governing Blockchain.
  11. To coordinate and cooperate with various international stakeholders on the legalities concerning Blockchain.
  12. To provide a network for all legal professionals working in the area of Blockchain Law.